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California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) Aggregate Results:
Tab Delimited File Layout

File Structure 2013-2014

Field Description Corresponding Database Field Acceptable Values 
County Code CountyCode Alpha
District Code DistrictCode Alpha
Charter Number (only populated for independent charters)  CharterNumber  Alpha
School Code SchoolCode Alpha
County Name CountyName Alpha
District Name DistrictName Alpha
School Name SchoolName Alpha
Record Type RecordType 04=state
Summary Type SummaryType 01=All Students Tested
02=Grade 10
03=Grade 11
04=Grade 12
05=Grade AE
06=Grade Unknown
09=Gender Unknown
10=American Indian or Alaskan Native
12=Pacific Islander
14=Hispanic or Latino
15=African American or Black
17=Two or More Races
19=English Only
20=Initially Fluent English Proficient (IFEP)
21=Redesignated Fluent English Proficient (RFEP)
22=English Learner (EL)
23=Language Fluency Unknown
24=Not Economically Disadvantaged
25=Economically Disadvantaged
26=Economic Status Unknown
28=Participating in Migrant Education Program
29=Participating in Special Education Program
30=Tested with modifications 
Field Description  Corresponding Database Field  Acceptable Values 
    31=Eco. Disadvantaged American Indian or Alaska Native
    32=Eco. Disadvantaged Asian
    33=Eco. Disadvantaged Pacific Islander
    34=Eco. Disadvantaged Filipino
    35= Eco. Disadvantaged Hispanic or Latino
    36= Eco. Disadvantaged African American or Black
    37= Eco. Disadvantaged White
    38= Eco. Disadvantaged Two or More Races
    40= Not Eco. Disadvantaged American Indian or Alaska native
    41= Not Eco. Disadvantaged Asian 
    42= Not Eco. Disadvantaged Pacific Islander
    43= Not Eco. Disadvantaged Filipino
    44= Not Eco. Disadvantaged Hispanic or Latino
    45= Not Eco. Disadvantaged African American or Black
    46= Not Eco. Disadvantaged White
    47= Not Eco. Disadvantaged Two or More Races
Administration  Administration C=Combined Administration
S=Single Administration 
Math Test Date MathTestDate MM/DD/YYYY or Blank
Math Grade 10 Answer Documents Processed MathGrade10AnswerSheetsProcessed 0-99999999
Math Number Tested MathNumberTested 0-99999999
Math Number Passed MathNumberPassed 0-99999999
Math Percentage Passed MathPercentPassed 0-100
Math Number Not Passed MathNumberNotPassed 0-99999999
Math Percentage Not Passed MathPercentNotPassed 0-100
Math Mean Scale Score MathMeanScaleScore 275-450
Math Probability & Statistics Percent Correct MathPSPercentCorrect 0 - 100 
Math Number Sense Percent Correct MathNSPercentCorrect 0 - 100 
Math Algebra & Functions Percent Correct MathAFPercentCorrect 0 - 100 
Math Measurement & Geometry Percent Correct MathMGPercentCorrect 0 - 100 
Math Algebra 1 Percent Correct MathA1PercentCorrect 0 - 100 
Field Description  Corresponding Database Field  Acceptable Values 
ELA Test date ELATestDate MM/DD/YYYY or Blank
ELA Grade 10 Answer Documents Processed ELAGrade10AnswerSheetsProcessed 0-99999999
ELA Number Tested ELANumberTested 0-99999999
ELA Number Passed ELANumberPassed 0-99999999
ELA Percentage Passed ELAPercentPassed 0-100
ELA Number Not Passed ELANumberNotPassed 0-99999999
ELA Percentage Not Passed ELAPercentNotPassed 0-100
ELA Mean Scale Score ELAMeanScaleScore 275-450
ELA Reading - Word Analysis Percent Correct ELAWAPercentCorrect 0 - 100 
ELA Reading - Reading Comprehension Percent Correct ELARCPercentCorrect 0 - 100 
ELA Reading - Literary Responses and Analysis Percent Correct ELALRAPercentCorrect 0 - 100 
ELA Writing - Writing Strategies Percent Correct ELAWSPercentCorrect 0 - 100 
ELA Writing - Writing Conventions Percent Correct ELAWCPercentCorrect 0 - 100 
ELA Writing Applications - Essay Scale Score ELAES1AvgScore 0.0 - 4.0 
Filler Filler  
System Date System Date MM/DD/YYYY 
Grade Level GradeLevel 10, 11, 12, AE or AG 
Math % Proficient and Above   0-100
ELA % Proficient and Above   0-100


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