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California Department of Education

DataQuest Help

Below are some hints to make your visit more productive. Feel free to contact our staff at the email address at the bottom of the page if you have any concerns or questions.

Error messages.
Are you using a bookmark to view an old report? That method is great for static HTML pages, but won't work with some of the DataQuest pages. The answer? Go back to the DataQuest home page and start from the beginning.

If you are getting an error message and you are not using a bookmark you may have found a bug! Please email us to report the error.

Server Timeout messages
. Press the refresh or resubmit button to run the request again. Some requests might fail to go through because of the size of data being returned. For example, if you want school level data for Los Angeles Unified, you may want to download one of our data files rather than trying to view it in a HTML file. You can download CBEDS data files at

Page does not load.
DataQuest is not made up of static HTML pages. Before you can view the results of a search, the web server must send your request to the database engine which then retrieves and compiles the data in the format requested. After that, the HTML is written, embedding the data within the page. What does this mean? It takes time - please be patient, a report may take a minute or more to show up - especially if your request retrieves large amounts of data (for example, all the schools in Los Angeles Unified) or if you have a slow modem. For large data requests, you may be better off downloading the data to your machine and manipulating it yourself.  You can download CBEDS data files at

Page takes a long time to load.
Be prepared for some delay if you are selecting reports that return large amounts of data.  For example, if you select a report that contains data for all of the districts in Los Angeles county you will have to be patient. Some of the newer browsers may speed things up, if you are using an older browser, you may want to upgrade.

Selecting schools and districts
. Type the first three or four letters of the school/district name then press the submit button.  The database will return all names that match on what you've entered.  The more you type, the less chance of making a match.

Getting statewide data.
 Try our "other choices" level. It even lets you download the data to your PC. All of the CBEDS data files are also available for downloading, go to If you are not able to use the data files, you can still place your request with the Educational Demographics Unit. Feel free to use the feedback page on our web site.

Printing tips
. Use "File" then "Page setup" on the browser menu bar to set page margins to 0 to optimize the printable area on your page. If it still doesn't fit you may want to print the report using landscape orientation. When you send the report to the printer, select landscape orientation (may be located under "Properties" button).

If your report still falls off the right side of the page try printing on legal size paper.

No legal size paper? Well here's another tip. Select

(on the top menu bar) then
"Save as...".
Save the report to your hard drive, bring it into
Microsoft Word
(or any other editor that can handle HTML).